8 Great Online Tools for Job Hunters

8 Great Online Tools for Job Hunters

When it comes to the job search, there is a tonne of online tools for job hunters. There are tools to help you create winning CVs, research your market value, find the right job and practice for interviews. Here are 8 great online tools for job hunters.

 1. Canva

Canva is a free online graphic design tool that can help you create a compelling CV design. Your CV design can make or break your job application so make sure to give the design some thought. Canva can help you find the perfect CV template to work from with hundreds of pre-designs ready for editing. Pick the layout you prefer and customize colours, fonts and graphics to suit your style. Whether you are looking for a simple, minimal layout or a more graphics-based colourful one, there is something for everyone on Canva.

2. Visualize

Another great online tool for job hunters is CV making is Visualize. This is the ideal tool for the more innovative and creative roles as it allows you to create infographics and more visual versions of your CV. The format is fun to work with and enables you to present your accomplishments in a simple but compelling visualization.

3. Pymetrics

Founded by two female Harvard/MIT trained PhDs, pymetrics uses neuroscience games and artificial intelligence to help decode your personality and many of your skills from how you complete the various tasks. You are then shown a personality analysis that matches you with job functions that would fit you well. Companies using pymetrics see massive improvements in both quality and diversity of candidates, as well as efficiency and ROI of hiring processes.

4. Payscale

Payscale.com is an online tool for job hunters that gives you with the ability to compare salaries and benefits based on the position/job title. PayScale helps both employers and employees understand the right pay for every job and effectively communicates this through a user-friendly graphical interface. This site can help you while you are researching your career options or determine if you should ask for more money at the negotiation stage of the recruitment process.

5. Paysa

Paysa.com is a platform with lots of tools such as company rank that all use propriety technology to help you understand your worth. Their mission is to help employees realise their true market value and ultimately to shift the power to employees. You can get real-time information about salaries, career insights and valuable skills. This tool can help you determine your market value, which is essential when negotiating your starting salary with a new employer.

6. LinkedIn Job Search App

The ultimate job searching online tool for job hunters on the move, The LinkedIn Job Search App is a great app helps you to search and filter jobs on your mobile device. Currently available for Apple or Android devices, it helps you quickly find career opportunities based on your location. Get automatic recommendations and notifications based on your job searches and apply for jobs at companies in a few steps. You can also save jobs you are interested in and do it all privately, as your LinkedIn network won’t be updated.

7. BrandYourself

BrandYourself.com helps you look better in Google search results. This online software analyses your profiles or websites and provides you with specific steps to take to rank higher in search results. It can help suppress negative press, news, complaints, court documents and more that may impact your good character. It can scan and delete cached photos from your social profiles that may appear unprofessional. As well as suggest ways to help build a positive online presence that will impress potential employers.

 8. My interview simulator

Finally, when all your hard work has paid off and you have landed the big interview it’s time to practice. My Interview Simulator is a free programme designed to simulate a mock interview. It can help you shed some of the interview nerves while preparing you to answer difficult questions. There is a proven correlation between practising for an interview and the successful outcome for the candidate. Another interview practising tool is practicemyinterview.com. This tool helps you practice full-length interviews in a mock online setting. You can select from specific industries and job types and help develop your interview skills.

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