i hate my job

I hate my job. Get me out of here!

Jobs Expo Dublin will be running a set of talks dedicated to jobseekers on 4th July in Croke Park. These seminars are constructed in a way to help guide people on the right career path. I Hate My Job. Get Me Out Of Here! will be delivered by Space2Change Coach, Maite Lopez at 2:15pm in the Hogan Suite.

About Maite Lopez

Maite inspires clients by seeing the possibilities within them and believing in their ability to make them happen. She sets people on the path that is right for them by using her imaginative and quick mind and her understanding to open up their thinking and gain a new perspective. Furthermore, Maite encourages them to explore their choices and create a vision for their lives. She supports them by giving them practical tools and exercises they can use again, connecting them with the right people and resources and helping them create an action plan to start their journey. Finally, she provides a structure to keep them on target to achieve their goals.

Maite is a qualified personal and business coach and has been coaching for the last 10 years. In addition, she is currently working as a relocation coach for REA and as a business mentor for the Entrepreneurs Academy. Being a multipotentialite, she also runs a publishing and design business with her partner, called At it Again!, and works as a freelance translator.

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