7 Job Options For Retirees

7 Job Options For Retirees

Are you thinking about your life as a retiree? Mandatory retirement ages are still in place in some organisations but according to research the majority of retirees at age 65 want to keep working into their seventies. Retirement is now a matter of choice for most occupations in the US, Canada and Australia. And there is an appetite for change in Europe as the population ages.

Whether you want to work to stay active or need to work to supplement your pension benefits there are a number of options. You don’t have to commit to full-time employment and more companies are offering flexible working hours to suit the needs of employees.

If your retirement is approaching but you would like to keep your job options open, here are some jobs you might consider.

1. Freelancer

Becoming self-employed is a great way to decide your own hours, earn some money and keep your mind active. In today’s modern jobs market, there are freelance opportunities available for almost any given job. Some examples include book-keeping services, marketing, web design, writing, virtual assistant and data entry to name a few. Look at your skills and research the market to get an idea of what to focus on. Register for freelance websites and start to bid for jobs. First, research freelance options on LinkedIn and update your profile to state exactly what you are looking for.

2. Home Care Assistant

Becoming a home care assistant can allow you to pick your own hours and work with clients in your own area. It is a highly rewarding job and can make a big impact on someone’s life. For those who have the patience, empathy and concern for older people, this is an ideal job. Duties will vary depending on the requirements of the client, including doing their weekly food shop, preparing meals, helping them to dress or move around their house. In most cases, you will have to complete a short home care training course before or during your employment.

3. Childcare/Creche Assistant

Another consideration for retirees who would like to work with people and are looking for a rewarding job is working with children. Childcare workers are naturally enthusiastic and self-motivated people who enjoy crafts, being creative and getting messy. They are empathetic and patient people who like working with children, their parents and colleagues. Childcare workers study FETAC Level 5 and 6 courses in preparing to work with young children, aged 0-6 years of age.

4. Event Assistant  

For those who are a fan of music, theatre and the arts, there are an abundance of job opportunities to help out at events around the country. For those in the bigger cities, there are options to work at conferences, professional associations and seminars too. You may be tasked with taking tickets, registering attendees, giving directions, answering questions and other general duties.

 5. Hotel Concierge

For those who have previous experience in the hospitality sector or who like working with people, a job as a hotel or assistant concierge is an option. The hours are flexible and you will meet new people every day. You will help guests make bookings, choose restaurants, tourist attractions, events and help them arrange transport and give directions.

 6. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

For the animal lovers, pet sitting or dog walking is the perfect job for a retiree. There is a big demand for these services, as owners want their pets to be exercised while they are at work. And with more people travelling, there is a need for dedicated pet sitters. This job offers flexible hours, working in your own area and getting to do something you love.

  7. Retail

Retail is always hiring, especially during peak holiday seasons. This is an option for those who don’t want to work year round and commit to a longer term contract. In addition, hours can be scheduled to suit your availability. Also, many retailers offer store discounts, subsidized canteens and other perks.

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