5 Things You Must Do Before Starting Your Job Hunt

5 Things You Must Do Before Starting Your Job Hunt

You have your CV ready to go, a killer cover letter drafted and a target list of companies you want to apply for. You feel excited and ready to begin the job hunt. But is there something else you should be doing? As it turns out there are a few others tasks at hand. Here are eight things you must do before starting your job hunt.

1. Curate your digital footprint

There isn’t a hiring manager in the world who won’t Google you before deciding to the short-list. Google yourself and see what turns up. Hiring managers want to see a positive digital footprint, one that proves your presence in a professional capacity. The first step in curating your digital footprint is to go through all of your social media profiles and check your privacy settings.

Un-tag yourself from unflattering photographs. Decide what information you want a recruiter to know about you as an individual and restrict public viewing of everything else.

If there is anything on Google that you don’t want there you can make a request to have it removed. This could include old accounts that are cached and still appearing in Google search. Depending on the data itself, it can take anywhere between 24 hours and 30 days for the data to disappear. Therefore, be sure to Google yourself before submitting an application.

Also, check out the services of BrandYourself.com. This online tool helps you look better in Google search results. This online software analyses your profiles or websites and provides you with specific steps to take to rank higher in search results. It can help suppress negative press, news, complaints, court documents and more that may impact your good character.

2. Update your LinkedIn profile

Update your LinkedIn profile with a new professional photograph. Also, include any information relating to your recent employment. Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV. You can include more details on your LinkedIn profile than on your CV but ensure all job titles and main responsibilities match. Add any links to projects you worked on, video, documents or other relevant media. Also, check you have included a user-friendly URL to your LinkedIn Profile on your CV. You can create a user-friendly URL by going to your Profile from the menu; edit the box that says ‘Your Public Profile URL’ and change to your name.

3. Create alternative professional profiles

In addition to your LinkedIn profile, which is solely for professional purposes, you should also consider creating other professional social media profiles. For example, you can create an alternative Facebook profile to your main one. Include your real name and under nickname enter Professional Profile. This account can be kept fully public and only post information relevant to your position or industry. Potential employers can then find you via the search and learn more about you as a candidate.

Also, remember to have a professional email address that you can use for communications with companies. Include your professional headshot in your public profile and Additionally create a professional signature with links to your accounts for your email. This can be done for free using a number of professional email signature tools.

4. Have your portfolio ready

 You may be asked to produce a portfolio of your work to date as part of the interview process. If you are working in a creative field, you will be familiar with this and will probably have one prepared. However, more candidates are being asked to produce a record of some sort proving their abilities. Therefore it is a good idea to have a portfolio ready. For example, if you worked as a marketer you may have worked for a number of different clients. Create a digital portfolio showcasing who they were and what you did for them. Tools such as Pathbrite can help you create an easy digital portfolio in a few hours.

5. Check your references

Finally, it is a good idea to contact your references to let them know to expect a call or email. You should give them a bit of information in relation the roles you have applied for and provide a brief summary of your experience.

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