5 Career Options For People Who Don’t Like Office Work

5 Career Options For People Who Don’t Like Office Work

For people who dislike the idea of being tied to an office desk, working 9am-5pm, five days a week, there are a number of alternative careers to consider. For the person who loves the idea of working outdoors, being active every day, travelling and meeting new people or working from home. Here are five career options you might consider if you’re thinking of a different type of career.

1. Horticulture and Landscaping

Firstly, why not cultivate a career in horticulture or landscaping and enjoy working outdoors year round. Those who work as horticulturists may manage large gardens, parks or grounds focusing on plants and trees. Others may decide to focus on market gardening, for example growing small-scale fruits, vegetables, herbs and/or flowers and sell directly to customers or restaurants. Alternatively, you could manage a nursery or garden centre. Also, for those who prefer to work on design and architecture, studying landscape architecture may be a career of interest. Landscape architects design gardens, lawns and other green areas to meet the needs of the clients. It is a career for those who love design, nature and working outdoors.

2. Quantity Surveyor

As a quantity surveyor, your job will allow you to work in a mix of environments and involve travelling. Quantity surveyors conduct feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour costs on construction contracts. They work closely with architects, engineers, builders and contractors. Quantity surveyors work on site and in an office environment. From small domestic projects to larger builds, every day is different and brings about new challenges. They work in private practice as employees but many progress to become a senior manager or partner in the firm later in their careers.

3. Web Developer

For those who wish to pursue a career in web design, there are many options to consider once fully qualified. You can work for an agency or in-house for a medium-large company. Alternatively, there is the option to work freelance and become self-employed. For those who dislike an office environment, the freelance option can be an attractive one as you can work from home, remotely or abroad. In addition to the flexibility around working hours, often freelance web designers love the freedom that comes with being able to choose their projects and clients.

4. Marine or Wildlife Biologist

Marine biology is a career for those who love to travel, spending time outdoors and are passionate about marine science. Those who envision spending their days alongside all things aquatic are ideal candidates for this line of work. Marine scientists work for the government as well as non-government organisations. The work quite often involves field research, taking samples, observing marine life and experimenting and testing in a lab.

Similarly, wildlife biology is an option for those who are animal lovers and want to work outdoors. Wildlife scientists study animals and their habitats. This work involves studying animals in their natural environments, observing and collecting data.

5. Occupational Therapist

For those who are looking for a rewarding and satisfying career helping others, you might consider becoming an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists treat injured, ill or disabled patients through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Hence, the role involves meeting new people, giving you options of working in different clinical settings and can provide flexible working hours. Also, occupational therapists work in rehabilitation centres, patients homes and schools and help children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

6. EMT and Paramedic 

Similarly, for those seeking a busy, fast-paced rewarding career outside the office environment there is the option of becoming an EMT or Paramedic. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) is a term used to describe the entry-level standard of the practitioner for employment within the ambulance service. Paramedics respond to emergency calls, perform certain medical procedures and transport patients to a hospital via ambulance.

Both EMTs and paramedics spend their days travelling in an ambulance to treat patients who are injured or have suddenly become ill. Also, they must work wherever the event has occurred, which may be in someone’s home, but could be on the side of a busy highway or somewhere else outdoors.


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