Job Description

Key responsibilities:

Build and rig, in Toon Boom Harmony, main and secondary characters, props and environmental elements;
Identify problems in designs and provide well thought out solutions;
Work closely with Department Supervisor, Animation supervisor and Animation department;
Ensure assets match the design and are suitable to be animated in Toon Boom Harmony;
Responsible for delivery of rigs according to deadlines and delivery requirements ( e.g. naming conventions);
Ensure work is completed and delivered as per schedule.

This list is not exhaustive and might be complemented by reasonable and related tasks that are requested of you.

Key requirements:

Perfect knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony software version 15+;
Knowledge on how to set up rigs to work with Master Controllers;
Working experience with Toon Boom Harmony software is considered a strong asset;
3 years + experience in animation is desired;
Problem solving skills – demonstrable examples;
Working experience in how animators use ToonBoom Harmony is a must;
The ideal candidate has strong drawing skills;
Must have strong attention to detail;
Be available on messaging systems and by emails during working hours;
Must be willing to relocate to Kilkenny.

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